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====Creating a New Zone====
====Creating a New Zone====
Maybe you join at a zone which doesn't exist yet. In that case it is necessary to create a new zone.
Maybe you join at a zone which doesn't exist yet. In that case it is necessary to create a new zone.

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Creating a New Zone

Maybe you join at a zone which doesn't exist yet. In that case it is necessary to create a new zone.

  1. To do that we should create a user at the webpage and confirm the mail with the verification link.
  2. Then we go to the Main Page and click "Create content".
  3. There we choose " zone" and fill the fields of the form.

Properties of the New Zone Form

Parent zone:: Here we navigate to the zone level under which we want to create our new zone. The structure of zones varies according to geographical or political organization. When creating a new zone you can choose the common use of the area. Some people prefer the political structure and other geographic. The intention is to determine the way how IP numbers are allocated automatically (for example one valley that contains two or more political structures).

Abbreviation:: The abbreviation with ten characters will be the name assigned on the map which shows the areas. This will be the short name to identify the area that we are creating. Avoid abbreviations of 2 or 3 letters. Do not use or spaces, or accents, or other special characters.

Dynamic mesh mode zone:: Describes the default type of the zones network infrastructure. If you are new to leave this parameter.

Time Zone: explanation not necessary ;)

Startpage of the zone: URL of local communtiy if it exists. Useful for those who want to use the zone page only for the administration of the network but do not have their own portal.

notification by e-mail: email contact for the zona, by default the your mail cause you are the creator of the zone.

Zone services

  • default proxy: The Proxy that will be set automatically to users we create in the "users" tab in the node page. It is recommended to configure this parameter in the subzones (or the end zones). If you have not yet created any node within the zone, leave this parameter until you begin to configure services.
  • default graph server: The same as default proxy, but for the graphical Server.

Zones global network settings (popup)

  • DNS servers: To define if we have a dns server in the zone (for end zones);
  • NTP servers: To define if we have a network time protokol (NTP) server in the zone (for end zones);
  • OSPF identifier: Zone identifier in case of using Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).

Zones map parameters: Geographic definition of the zone.

Zone name: Complete zone name with spaces, accents and more but without abbreviations.

Information about this zone: Box intended to give a bit of information about the zone. Some users are creative and want to show the benefits and gastronomic tourism in the area :-)

URL parameters (popup): Define here the name of the zone without spaces or accents. We will use the spelling of this field to access the zone directly (Syntax:


Information about the authorship (popup): In case you want to define any user different from the "webmaster" as an author. The user "webmaster" is used to create a "neutral zone".

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