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:[[start an island from scratch]] - cat: [ start an island from scratch]
:[ Hotspot]
:[ Hotspot]
:[ Share ADSL]
:[ Share ADSL]
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:[[Node]] translate to catalan
:[[Node]] translate to catalan
:[ CNML/ca] translate to catalan
:[ CNML/ca] translate to catalan
:[ start an island from scratch]
:[[start an island from scratch]]

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Welcome on this userpage

Hola inhabitants,

this is my start in

While studying the Tutorials i will try to manage some translation.
Probably there will be cases of misunderstanding and mistakes.
So i will ask occasionally for proofreading.

For new users

For everyone who wants to join that wiki:

  1. Register to (register at the wiki directly doesn't work).
  2. Wait at least a day.
  3. Login in to the wiki, with the same Username and password.

Unfortunately this wiki is highly restricted and asks for registration. So activity is rare.


Contact me in Catalan with simple sentences or English.
Contactar-me en català de frases molt simple o en anglès.

My changes in this wiki

New Pages
User:Lib2know (my own user page / this page),
New Translations
Bridges with Linux,
Linux Networks @work,
Netgear WG602,
Ubiquiti RouterStation,
Graphserver 1 @work.
Major Changes
Minor Changes


start an island from scratch - cat: start an island from scratch
Share ADSL
Graphical Server 2
Node translate to catalan
CNML/ca translate to catalan
access point
Meshnet Zone in Barcelona Sants
Zone USA, Initial Graph Server Austin (maybe)
qMp, qMp, ca (deleted), see also qMp, es (very good!)

Feel free to do any point of my ToDo List! The list is not for reservations but it supports my week brains to getting them done one day ;-)


Besides some translation i want to add new content. To be cautious i start it as subpages of my user page

english language References
User:Lib2know/ in the Press
User:Lib2know/ in Universities
User:Lib2know/ in municipalities
Other Networks
Hardware Lists
Use Cases
User:Lib2know/Use Cases, on
User:Lib2know/Share Internet
User:Lib2know/Share Broadband
User:Lib2know/Free Street WiFi
User:Lib2know/Isolated Nodes

Greetings to activ users 2014


Conxuro, Al, Gilito, Jfigueras, Jmsola1, Xavip



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