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(Bridges with Linux)
(My changes in this wiki)
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=My changes in this wiki=
=My changes in this wiki=
;New Pages
;New Pages
:[[User:Lib2know|my own user page]]
:[[User:Lib2know | my own user page]]
:[[Bridges with Linux]]
:[[Bridges with Linux]]
;Major Changes
;Major Changes

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Welcome on this userpage

Hola Guifi.net inhabitants,

this is my start in Guifi.net.

While studying the Tutorials i will try to manage some translation. Maybe there will be misunderstandings. So i will ask occasionally for proofreading.

For new users

For everyone who wants to join that wiki:

  1. Register to Guifi.net (register at the wiki directly doesn' work).
  2. Wait at least a day.
  3. Login in to the wiki, with the same Username and password.


Contact me in Catalan with simple sentences or English.
Contactar-me en català de frases molt simple o en anglès.

My changes in this wiki

New Pages
my own user page
Bridges with Linux
Major Changes
Minor Changes
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