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A Node in is one point of the network. It is created as a part of a zone.

Links and Supernodes

To contribute in the network a node needs a link to one ore more other nodes. A Node which is connected to more than one other nodes is called supernode.

Location and Devices

Every Node has on defined location but can consist of several devices like

  • ADSL Routers
  • Network Cameras
  • Server Computers and more.

Devices can have their own IP-address inside which usually look like beginning with 10.


Every Node can offer services:

  • Open Internet Access
  • Wireless Connectivtity for End Users
  • Linux Distribution Cache
  • Asterisk VoIP PBX server
  • Domain name server services
  • FTP or shared disk server
  • IRC Server
  • LDAP Server
  • and many more ...
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