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[http://ca.wiki.guifi.net/ catalan] | [http://es.wiki.guifi.net/ castellano] | [http://eu.wiki.guifi.net/ euskara] | [http://fr.wiki.guifi.net/ français] | [http://gl.wiki.guifi.net/ galego]
[[ca:Documentació de guifi.net]]

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Logo guifi.svg
Logo guifi.svg
Welcome to the Guifi.net wiki
Documentation about the open, free and neutral network.
In these moments we have 22 articles in English.

Welcome to Guifi.net documentation wiki

Guifi.net it's of everyone, join us connecting your network segment to the others.

It's a collaborative proyect,horizontally organized, that brings together individuals, collectives, companies and administrations. Is open, so everyone can join on equal terms, under The Wireless Commons License (WCL)
WCL is deprecated because the license is updated but not available yet in english. Help to translate it:
catalan version - Xarxa Oberta, Lliure i Neutral (XOLN)
spanish version - Red Abierta, Libre y Neutral (RALN)


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