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How to start a page

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The tool that you have in your hands is a MediaWiki, the same that is being used in projects such as Wikipedia or ShareWiki.

To start a new page and/or add a new article, you just need to put in the address bar, behind "wiki" and a slash (/), name of the page you wish to create.

Example: Page

The other way is, if you are editing already existing article, to put a new page name in between square brackets:

[[New Page]].

At the beginning and as long as the content of a new page is not edited, the link will appear red. Once edited, link becomes blue indicating that the page has a content.

When you are on a new page, press edit button ... and you can start to edit!

Under the edit box you will find two buttons: Save changes and Show preview. Use the second one to preview the edited text and first one to save it, once you are sure it is ready.

Creating and editing pages follow the guidelines:

  • Make sure the page you want to create doesn't exist already with similar

name or that there are none with similar content to avoid repetition

  • Link pages that already exist into this wiki or ones that are external (Links and URLs)

Useful links:

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