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Note: this article may be outdated and should be revised. Be careful if you try to follow this guide, and better if you ask in the mailing lists first.

Upload packages to Cloudy software repository (Clommunity project)

We are ready to upload packages to the Cloudy public repository

Here we request public keys to allow to upload packages and sign them. You can for sure, edit the scripts and change the paths to your needs.

The repository is auto-signed now with a repository key name "gcodis Distro Development Team", more info in the repository itself: Auto-signing prevents that the repository remain not signed if anyone uploads unsigned packages. One signature for the repository, which is added in the client side to allow the installation of the distro, and another signature which depends on the maintainer or developer for signing the package are used. Each developer is responsible to maintain her keys safe.

Public keys

To upload packages we need to get your public keys:

  • The ID of the GPG public key, uploaded to With this key you will sign the uploads.
  • The public SSH key, to access to upload packages. Needed to access to the remote repository machine.

The packages are uploaded to the unstable branch by default (use the package changelog for that). We use the dput Debian tool to upload packages and sign them. The repository is auto-signed with another key.

You can send the public keys or IDs to the project mailing list clommunity-wp4. This way we have access to public keys when required.


The provided configuration file is:

  • is a configuration file which have to be copied to your home directory as ~/ Used for uploading packages with the dput Debian tool.

fqdn =
method = scp
login = repo
incoming = /var/www/debian/mini-dinstall/incoming
post_upload_command = ssh "mini-dinstall -b"

Building packages

Take a look to some manners to build packages at

Uploading packages

You can use the dput command in the following manner:

$ dput cloudy-base_0.1.3.5_i386.changes

Remember to save the previous ~/ file in your $HOME dir.

It's important to write the repository name (

Continuous improvements

The repository is improving to better working when needed to give a better service.

Thank you by your efforts.

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