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With over 10,000 operative nodes and more than 15,000 kilometres of links, is the world’s largest community-run telecommunications network. Most of this infrastructure is permanently installed, connecting thousands of homes through wireless technology. This project is conceived to expand the current potentialities of, providing connectivity in the public space, adding mobility and including telephony features. The goal is to make the most of the network deployed to date, with a coverage of 12,000 km2 and to implement this prototype for their use by members of the community.

Taking advantage of the drop in the prices of Wi-Fi mobile phones, we're going to optimised to allow the flow of data to use the Wi-Fi band and free technologies instead of those proprietary belonging to telephone enterprises, while at the same time they are also optimised to maintain connectivity in motion. VoIP servers are used to connect the phones and make voice calls possible. Other potential uses are video and audio streaming as well as mail and web services for sending data. The outcome is the creation of new social narratives and ultimately a democratic system of telephony.

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